Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Generator
Oxygen generator producing high-concentration oxygen with a purity of 90% or higher
Try to increase the oxygen level in your house
It generates high concentrations of oxygen for families who spend more time at home due to various virus contamination such as fine dust, corona 19, etc. and turns them into clean and pleasant spaces. We recommend a high concentration oxygen generator for the home according to the changed trend.
product features

Electronic type Button

All functions can be operated conveniently with electronic type buttons.

Smart Remote Control

The power on/off and all functions of the product can be set via the remote control.

dial-type flow regulator

You can adjust the flow rate conveniently by turning the dial.

timer function

The timer function is turned off automatically after the set time has elapsed, so it can be used safely even when sleeping.

Automatic Control System

In case of device failure, automatic power off and alarm sounds for safer use.

full screen

Information such as usage time, oxygen concentration, and flow rate can be checked at once.

anion function

It can produce anions at the same time as high concentrations of oxygen.
Product specification
Oxygen concentrator
Electric power 220VAC±22V,50Hz±1Hz,450VA
Flow rate 0.5~9.0L/min(recommended pressure 5L/min)
Oxygen concentration 90%≥
Size 385 X 255 X 480(mm)
Weight 17kg
Pressure 0.02MPa~0.07MPa
Noise ≤60dB
Special function 1) Anion occurrence
2) Wireless remote control control
Safety function 1) Automatic power off function under power and load
2) Automatic power off function when the compressor is overheated
3) Alarm sounds when power is cut off
4) Alarm function if oxygen concentration falls below the standard level