Clean Cart

Clean Cart
Clean Cart
Disinfection sterilizers suitable for multi-use facilities such as large storage tanks, large-capacity wireless battery-top hospitals, schools, and large-sized institutions.
It is equipped with a large-capacity disinfectant storage tank that can be conveniently used for disinfection and sterilization operations at hospitals and large institutions. The wireless battery system enables disinfection and sterilization of large spaces without any charge for a long time. Noise-free wheels allow anyone to simultaneously work on the air and floor with two special nozzles that reduce worker fatigue and allow for free angle control.
product features

Special Nozzle

No blockage with two special nozzles

Easy to move

It can be equipped with 4-wheel noiseless wheels to use soundlessly.

storage of large-capacity disinfectant

20L disinfectant storage tank, without additional replenishment, can be used for a long time

noiseless compressor

Noise-free compressor fitted for use without noise

convenient operation method

Easy to use with automated dispensing system


Rechargeable lithium battery for easy wireless use after charging
COVID19 disinfection immediately
Sterilization of 16 species including norovirus!
What is Free Radical?
It is a mechanism for stabilizing the outermost angle of an atom by attacking the enemy in order to stabilize it by maintaining an unstable state by having electrons present in an odd state without pairing. As such, it causes a chain reaction of scent and sterilization, which is called a pradical reaction. This particular oxidation process is the principle that the virus, bacteria, and protein are hydrated as soon as they come into contact with the virus, bacteria, and protein, and the structure of the virus and bacteria is changed and deactivated immediately, especially by oxidizing the chiroxin, an amino acid that makes up the protein
safety test Test item result safety test Test item result
Toxicity test None carcinogenicity test None
skin damage test None bleaching test None
eye irritability test None corrosion test None
types types Test result (inactivation time)
Norovirus Causes of food poisoning virus, fear of collective infection, strong resistance to alcohol 15 seconds after contact
influenza human, pig, bird flu, saliva or contact, including avian influenza immediately after contact
Parvovirus Dogs and cats cause serious diseases and B19 infects humans within one minute of contact
Coronavirus Swine infection, SARS, also caused by the strain corona virus. immediately after contact
O-157 E. coli Vascular hemorrhagic strains, easily causing secondary infection. Food poisoning; developing with a small number of strains. 30 seconds after contact
Salmonella bacteria typhoid, paratypes, two types of infectious diseases, not dying in freezing. 15 seconds after contact
enteritis vibrio Food poisoning caused by infection of fish and shellfish, especially in the summer season 15 seconds after contact
Staphylococcus aureus One of the most problematic germs, such as pneumonia. Even if the strain dies by heating, the toxin remains. 30 seconds after contact
Staphylococcus aureus One of the most problematic germs, such as pneumonia. Even if the strain dies by heating, the toxin remains. within 1 minute of contact
methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus metacillin-resistant pyroplastic bacteria the main causative agent of floor infection The cure doesn't work well 15 seconds after contact
semicomycinogenic enterobacterium Strains resistant to streptomycin of bactericidal MRSA are likely to be severe. 15 seconds after contact
Streptococcus pneumoniae Bacteria cause respiratory infections and urinary tract infections due to resistance to various drugs 15 seconds after contact
Listeria Infection with meat or meat products. water-borne common to ingress water 15 seconds after contact
Pseudomonas aeruginosa A person's infection with weakened immunity, resistant to disinfectants or antibiotics. 15 seconds after contact
Legionella Preserved in the atmosphere, found in water systems such as hot springs/ baths. within 1 minute of contact
rheumatic fever Causes immune disease, rheumatoid fever, acute neuropathy 15 seconds after contact
  • * Testing agency: Japan Food Center (Japan), Sumimoto Technology Corporation (Japan), Korea Testing Institute (Korea)
Product specification
Clean Cart
blast type Ultra particle compressed air type
Power 24V30A (Lithium Ion Charging Battery)
drug capacity 20L
Dispense flow rate 80ml/min
spraying area 100㎡/min
particle size Above 30 micro
spraying nozzle 2 - sphere (2 - liquid type injection nozzle)
Material Stainless(SUS)
spraying distance 5 to 8 meters (10 meters to 16 meters)
size L400mm X W30mm0 X H8000mm(except wheel height)
Weight 55kg