Hard-type Hyper baric oxygen chamber

Hard Type
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product features

sliding entry door

Sliding door allows the user to enter and exit comfortably.

Pressure Relieve Safety Button

In an emergency, press the button and immediately release the pressure to ensure safety.

Interphone System

You can talk to an external operator via an interphone installed inside the chamber.

wide window

A clear and wide window will help you understand the user's condition.

Automated Control System

It automatically controls pressure, time and temperature from 1.1 to 1.5ATM.

Cooling System

It is pleasant by lowering the oxygen temperature under high pressure and high temperature.

Patient Observation Monitor

Sensors such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and hot humidity are installed to check the status in real time through the internal screen.

internal and external touchscreen

Through the inside and outside touch screen, the device can be started easily with one touch

All-in-one system

Oxygen generator + air conditioner + compressed Compressha are combined into one.

aluminium body

Rigid durability strong against corrosion as its body is made of aluminum material
Product specifications
Model HBOC-15C01A
Chamber Acceptable One person
Material Aluminium
Size/weight L2192 X H930, I.D810Ø / 118kg
Pressure 10kPa~50kPa
Oxygen Control system Air Flow Rate 115 Liter/min
Oxygen Flow Rate 5 Liter/min
Rated Volateg 220V 60Hz
Power Consumptiom 1.9kW
Size/weigh L550 X W450 X H1145 / 108kg
Installation space 1.5m X 2.5m
  • * Authorized Product Name : medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber
  • * Purpose of use: In a chamber that produces a barometric environment higher than atmospheric pressure, a device that causes the patient to receive high concentrations of oxygen to the patient's tissues for a period of time.