Hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

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combined oxygen and dissolved oxygen

Combined oxygen

It is bound to hemoglobin in the blood.
It cannot carry more than the amount of hemoglobin.
It's hard to get through the capillaries because of the large molecules.
( Ninety percent of the human body is capillaries
Ninety-nine percent of oxygen in the body is combined oxygen.

dissolved oxygen

Ordinary breathing alone is not enough.( Oxygen inhalation alone does not increase.)
Because the molecules are small, they are directly dissolved in the blood,
making it easier to pass through the capillaries.
It does not depend on the amount of hemoglobin.
There are two types of oxygen in the body: combined oxygen combined with hemoglobin and dissolved oxygen. Normal pulmonary respiration carries only bound oxygen. Capillary blood vessels in the lungs, kidneys, liver and skin are smaller than the size of hemoglobin, so binding oxygen alone prevents smooth blood flow.
If a person neglects his or her health due to an incorrect diet, the blood vessel becomes contaminated with cholesterol, etc. and becomes narrower or the residue is stuck to the red blood cells, thus preventing smooth blood flow. As a result, lack of oxygen can lead to aging and poor physical function, which can cause all illnesses.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Increasing the barometric pressure and oxygen concentration not only binds hemoglobin and oxygen to red blood cells, but also increases dissolved oxygen, allowing oxygen to be transported to the capillary tip, free to enter any narrow space, and facilitates cell activation.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the concentration of oxygen in the body through the dissolved oxygen obtained by inhaling high purity oxygen under high pressure, thereby boosting the metabolism.
Treatment principle of hyperbaric oxygen chamber
- Pressure Effect
Below the high pressure, the size of the gas bubble in the blood or body fluid decreases, causing the lesion to stop progressing to indicate the therapeutic effect. In addition, also stomach inflated is calibrated and recovered according to the accumulation of gases.
- Effect On Increase PO2
As the oxygen pressure in the environment rises, by Henry's Law increases the amount of oxygen that is physically dissolved in the plasma. Since the difference in sympathyroidal oxygen pressure in the cerebrum, which consumes the most oxygen in the body, is 5-6cc, under 100% O2 3rd barometric pressure, the physical dissolved O2 alone can meet the oxygen demand of tissue cells, thus reducing immediate hypoxia.